[Editor’s Note:  As you can probably tell, this site isn’t my current priority… Not that I’m in any way disowning any of my opinions immortalized herein, but I’ve run into a shortage of blog time so I’ve gotten a bit more Indian Film specific with my film buddy Julie, and we do a joint blog FilmiGoris.net, just one click over.  We’d love you to come over for a visit.]

My name is Jenny Ketcham and this, my first blog, is here to spare my friends and acquaintances the trouble of actually listening to my “very definite” opinions about film, food and other of my favorite subjects, and still allow them to be caught up, if and when they care to peruse here.

Ascertainment Weekly, as the name implies, is about finding, either by searching or accidental discovery, the truth as we know it. It implies a bringing to light or revelation of new things, mostly positive, sometimes negative, which, as we all know, can be even more fun to talk about. I’d love to have discussion and or suggestions that contribute to the themes, if you are so inclined.

I’m a film addict. Bollywood and other Indian film genres are my current favorites, but I will categorize the reviews as they come up so you can avoid them if you are frightened of the subtitled experience (the films, not the blog itself). But, be warned, Indian films can draw you in, and you’re never quite the same afterward.

I work in theater costuming and wardrobe, and love all things costume. This does make the interest in historical recreation events like the SCA much easier for me, and posts about this subject are inevitable, I’m afraid.

Other possible topics of interest are partner dancing, especially swing and latin, historical novels, the longer the better (thank you, Diana Gabaldon), and my growing obsession with becoming the DC Metro expert on thrift store shopping. I hope to post regularly, and I’d love it if you came along for the ride. Thanks!