I figure that it’s best to just put it right out there…this food recommendation is definitely, absolutely, positively…about my sister’s new restaurant, ANNIE’S BANANNIES. Therefore, I can and should be accused of favoritism and bias. And you’d be right. I couldn’t be more proud of her, starting out in a new business in this rotten economic climate. She’s incredibly brave, more brave than I am in that way, that’s for sure, but she’s got a product that she believes in, a unique dessert, and she’s putting it out there, come heck or high water. And there’s a lot of high water, too, as it’s in Rehoboth, DE, just a block off the beach.

But, my personal bias toward my sister, and her fantabulous frozen banana dessert concoction, doesn’t prevent it from being one of my favorite desserts, so, I feel I am able to justify promoting it, shamelessly, on my blog. Why have a blog if you can’t use it to write about what you want? Right?

Her store is not, however, in DC, which is supposed to be a perimeter demarcation for the blog, but as Rehoboth is a very popular summer destination, locally, and a mere two and a half hour commute… well, for a dessert this good, and good for you, too, it may be well worth a day trip!
Annie’s place is a sure-fire place for anyone down in Rehoboth, to find a delicious frozen fruit treat at a reasonable price. It’s made from a 100% natural source: bananas. No sugar added. I mean it. The banana is frozen solid and put through a professional juicer so that when it comes out it is the consistency of frozen yogurt. It can be eaten just that way. It has a very delicate, sweet flavor that almost everyone likes, even those who are not banana fans.

Before trying this, my banana pie/tart post aside, I wouldn’t have called myself a banana groupie. But I like this. It is the perfect vehicle for any number of delicious toppings from Annie’s fully stocked fixin’s bar. She offers many wittily named combos: Grannie’s Banannies – Banana with graham crackers and whipped cream, Straw Nannie – Banana with Fresh Strawberries and Strawberry Puree, Mocha Nannie – Banana with Chocolate Covered Expresso Beans and Chocolate Syrup (for the adult palate), and so on. Or you can fix your own. All her purees are made from fresh or frozen fruit, only sweetened with agave, and all the rest of the sugared products are labeled clearly, so parents searching for a sugar free treat for the kids can be fully aware of exactly what they are getting. It’s great for lactose free and gluten free diets, too, (barring the graham crackers, of course).

So, everyone can find what they are looking for, and I really hope that you go and try it out. The address is #9, 1st Street (between Wilmington and Rehoboth Avenues) Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971. One block off the beach, one block off the main drag. She can’t be in a better place, and you can’t find a better tasting healthy dessert…even if I do say so myself, she is my little sister after all!

Hours: Starting Memorial Day weekend 11AM-11PM on the weekends, 3PM-11PM during the week.
After Labor Day, reducing hours.
Address: 9 First Street,
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
Phone: 302-260-9875
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Good news on the banana front…Annie is adding her second store, and it’s much closer to home! Look for a brand spanking new Annie’s Banannies opening for the summer in the Light Street Pavillion in downtown Baltimore, Maryland!